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Dwarf and Small Growing Conifers
Chamaecyparis lawsoniana 'Ellwood's Nymph'
Dwarf Conifers

Our list of "Small Growing Conifers" includes the Dwarf Conifers, which are very slow growing plants, generally reaching less then 1 metre in height in the first 10 years. They are ideal for rockeries, small gardens or patio pots. 

The list also includes the conifers that do not usually grow more than 2 metres.

As is always the case, different growing conditions can vary the ultimate height of plants.

Some of the dwarf firs and spruces are very slow to start, but as they develop a strong root system, they become much faster. If they start to get too large, root pruning can help to slow them down.

Some varieties lend themselves very well to constant trimming, while other are better with selective pruning.

Abies    Cedrus   Chamaecyparis lawsoniana   Chamaecyparis obtusa

Chamaecyparis pisifera   Chamaecyparis nootkatensis

Chamaecyparis thyoides   Cryptomeria   Juniperus   Picea   Pinus

Thuja   Miscellaneous conifers