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Japanese Maples
Acer palmatum 'Katsura'
Weeping Maples

Japanese maplesAcer palmatum and Acer japonicum varieties, are an extremely diverse range of plants in terms of size, shape and leaf colour.

There are Purple Japanese Maples, Green Japanese Maples or even Variegated Japanese Maples.

There are very slow growing dwarf varieties, usually with minute leaves.

There are the Weeping Japanese Maples varieties, Acer palmatum dissectum, that form mushroom-shaped mounds with intricately twisted branches. These are also known as the "Lace Leaf Maples".

Then there are the upright growing trees, some of which under ideal conditions may eventually reach 8-10 metres.

The leaves may change in colour from spring to summer to autumn, but few other trees can match the magnificent autumn displays of the Japanese Maples. Where possible we have shown pictures of both the spring and autumn leaf colours.

Whilst Japanese Maples are a must in a Japanese-style garden, they can be incorporated in most other styles of gardens. Different varieties can be used  together, or individual specimens can create a feature in themselves.

The varieties with coloured trunks, such as Acer palmatum 'Senkaki', can be shown off against a wall with feature lighting, making them look stunning at night. The weeping maples are beautiful when grown near water features.

Japanese Maples are surprisingly hardy, their biggest enemy is hot wind. They will tolerate sun, in fact most of the purple-leafed varieties will go green in the shade, but the very pale-leafed ones appreciate a bit of shade.

We have listed the varieties on five different pages:
1.   Small growing
2.   Weeping
3.   Upright, green leaves
4.   Upright, purple leaves
5.   Upright, variegated leaves.

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